Creative Direction

Bountie is Asia's first and largest gaming ICO,  dedicated to helping gamers make a living playing games.

Inspired by modern architecture and contemporary artists, the designs are timeless statement pieces with abstract silhouettes that make the experience unforgettable. Experimental textiles tailored to enhance your beauty, CHYR want the customers to feel as if they are art. Taking a stance on cultural empowerment, we want to bring the world together through art. Fashion should be a form of escapism to another reality. Immerse yourself into another world. We are art. A human silhouette is a canvas. Be BOLD.

Named Flyboyz Beach Bar, the 836 sq m space houses a different concept on each of its three floors. The ground floor is Flyboyz, a diner serving hearty pizzas and burgers; the second floor is hoobar, a retro bar with a live band playing music from the 1970s to the 1990s; and the top floor is Cuba, a sky lounge for those who wish to dance to Cuban jazz and salsa music.

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