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We take you to new worlds without leaving home

Augmented reality

Re-defining how we interact with the physical space

Augmented reality (AR) complements the physical environment with virtual elements. The applications are non exhaustive and is more relevant today in age than ever before. We utilize the latest tech in creating the most immersive and information AR applications for our clients and the consumer base.

We create immersive virtual tours & AR experiences

As the business world evolves, virtual environments are fast becoming the new normal. New solutions are needed to deliver an experience that closely resembles the actual environment. The applications are flexible to suit the needs of any virtual tour.

From virtual tours to e-commerce applications

  • Virtual exhibitions

  • Virtual commercial retail space

  • Virtual real estate walk-through

  • Virtual events and live shows

  • Virtual festivals

  • Virtual corporate presentations

  • & many more

AR + VR applications

Some of the works we've done for AR + VR


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