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Let your brand speak for itself

We leverage on the latest trends & tech to bring audiences to you.

Custom domain + SSL

We offer SSL and domain privacy on all new domain registration so your online identity is protected and secured.

Cloud based infrastructure

We use a secured industry-leading cloud-based CMS+CRM and web editor so you will never lose your data.

Optimised performance

All websites built by us are fully optimised for speed + responsiveness. Regardless the device, we ensure the best viewed content is displayed at all times.

Fully customisable

We always include our clients in the decision making process so it will always be a group effort.

Comprehensive SEO plan

All our sites come with an on-site SEO plan, search engine and Google indexing. We take care of that for you.

Dedicated expert

We provide support and maintenance for your site via a dedicated senior expert. Know that you are in good hands.

At XXCA, we place your brand in the forefront while crafting a strategy on the back-end to create a well-oiled machine.

Rules of 8

  • Project definition.

  • Project scope.

  • Wireframes and architecture

  • Visual design

  • Site development

  • Site Testing

  • Launch

  • Site Maintenance

Designing your brand for the future web

Whether you like it or not, a website speaks volumes when it comes to your brand's online image. It's not just a simple process of just adding in a few paragraphs, images and links but requires strategic thinking coupled with creative ideology to create something extraordinary.

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23 New Industrial Road


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